A Reason For The Season

A few months ago I had the pleasure of spending 6 hrs in a workshop talking about creativity. This workshop happened right after the election and it is indisputable why it's taken me a while to process and distill some of the information I've gleaned. The workshop centered around more of what holds us back in creativity rather than the celebratory aspect of a job (well) done. Low, dry & slow moments of creativity are bound to occur, and to me the stagnation has felt more like a prison sentence than a time of incubation. Does this ring true for you? 

Over the last five years I have been on an expedition of the dark night of the soul. Sounds dramatic or dumb. I guess at times it certainly has been both. I graduated from college with a fine arts degree. I spent a lot of money perfecting my craft and lived, breathed, ate, slept theatre. I had a mini life crisis before graduating that I didn't want to pursue theatre in a professional aspect but packed up and moved to NYC anyway. I wasn't even keen on moving to NYC. I felt distracted, un-grounded and swallowed up by the city. Pressures from mainly myself hurdled me to the tiny island. I did a few artist-in-residence gigs, taught, took classes and had a few small parts but it felt more like I was keeping up the momentum from school. I didn't know how to operate outside of the womb & structure of my program and felt scared to step outside to see what else might be happening. I flogged myself mentally for not wanting to pursue "my dream" because here I was, bright city lights and all I felt was stagnation and a listless spirit on the inside. 

The flogging continued for years as I filled my time working freelance jobs, waiting tables, baby-sitting and starting my own business. The amount of embarrassment I held inside about where I was in comparison to "where I should be" was insurmountable and guess what? It kept me stuck. It kept me small. A game I was comfortable playing albeit my personal torture device.

In the workshop we talked a lot about stagnation and its meaning. That stagnation is the signal of "I'm Done." You're scared to leave because that thing you used to do doesn't feed you anymore. A revelation for me. (I don't know, maybe you figured that out long before I did!) In addition to this light-bulb moment is that you can't get to the next season until you've left the last one. You don't need to know what's supposed to happen next. You're going to be afraid and will have to do things before you're ready. I feel like I possessed that quality early in my life and somehow misplaced it. In my late teens and early twenties I was so Gung-ho for change. I leapt without thinking many times and the ground was right beneath me each time I jumped. I have grown more timid over the years and my enthusiasm has turned into a sad, lazy cloud hanging around my heart. 

To keep this away from "How I Turned MY Life Around in 3 Easy Steps." I'll be honest. My life looks nothing like how I imagined it to be at 31. Pretty much everything that was recognizable 5 years ago doesn't exist. The tectonic plates of my life have done so much shifting that my above ground world is separated, new waves thrashing upon shores that have never experienced the sea. My world below feeling the rumbles and chaotic shakes of movement and change. Echoes of these rumbles still present as the dust settles. 

In honoring the internal seasons of our life, I have bid adieu to this last season. The few things I carry into this next season, relics of the past, reminders of what I've learned. My hope is that curiosity prevails and leads the guard in this next season. 

I'll leave on this quote by Glennon Doyle Melton:

"An eviction from your life means that life is not accurate anymore and it opens itself up to a more honest life." 

Disorientation leads to re-orienation. May we find the beauty in each season, as that is integral to our survival. 


"Two Chakras That Will Change Your Life." Podcast Interview with Sarika Jain Patel

Check out this podcast I did with the lovely Sarika Jain! She works with women one on one coaching & holds workshops online and in person around attracting your soul mate. She provides tools, coaching and an active blog to assist women in healing & going within to transform themselves and thus beginning the practice of attracting the right partner for them. I love the support she offers to women. I was honored to speak on the Root & Sacral Chakras and how living through those centers fully creates an abundant & soft space for love to move from. Here is the link to the interview & Sarika's site: http://sarikajain.com/two-chakras-will-transform-life/

Vagus Nerve

I never knew about the Vagus nerve until I began Esoteric Healing. In working with the Vagus nerve on each of my clients, I've wanted to dig deeper into the health benefits of stimulating this nerve. 

I feel the power this nerve carries when I am balancing the Vagus nerve with other aspects of the body. It's usually one of the first things I balance on a client, especially since I work with people who live in NYC. I notice an immediate shift in the hyper-activity of the body, the breath deepens, the client often slips into a comfortable sleep or very deep relaxation. Here, the client is able to receive a much needed break from the over-activation of the sympathetic nervous system and possibly tune in to the inner wisdom of stillness. I have also learned that the Vagus nerve is the carrier of the Soul to the rest of the body. It brings with it the wisdom of the Soul to each area it touches. 

I like to combine the scientific knowledge of the body with the spiritual aspects of healing and health. I am fascinated by both and believe they each serve a purpose in our overall well-being. 

From a scientific standpoint, the Vagus nerves etymology means "wanderer." This nerve is the longest of the cranial nerves and extends itself from the brainstem and works it's way down the throat, esophagus, lungs, heart and then ends in the abdomen. It sends out fibers from your brainstem to your organs to let your brain know how they are functioning. It's also connected to your digestive system and helps to translate to your brain how you're feeling. Hence, "gut-feeling." There are new studies being conducted on the Vagus nerve showing that stimulating part of this nerve can help to reduce anxiety, depression and even epilepsy. This can be done if other treatments have failed. This procedure is part of a new practice called bioelectronic medicine, it could even help to treat diseases like cancer. New and exciting stuff! 

Stress is the number one killer, folks and there's no denying it. Keeping the sympathetic nervous system in the drivers seat will continually flood your body with stress hormones and wreak havoc. In stimulating this nerve we can help to reduce inflammation, build up our immunity, release more endorphin's, lower heart rate & blood pressure and increase memory. Now that you have a little more insight to this special nerve, here are some ways you can activate it in your day-to-day:

* Singing or humming, some people say that singing with lower tones helps even more.

* Tai Chi & Qi Gong 

* Drumming

* Deep, guttural laughter

* Deep breathing, as in the three part yogic breath- diaphragm, lungs, (front & back) and up to the clavicle. Holding a few seconds on the in & out breath.

* Placing your face in cold water. 

I hope that this post was informative and helpful in creating more awareness around how our body functions and works. My hope is also that it brings to light how incredible our bodies are and that our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical selves are interconnected. Each one informs the other and knowledge of these parts creates empowerment.



Spirit Fire Radio

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Spirit Fire Radio! This hour long show I discuss with my friend and teacher about art, Esoteric Healing and nutrition! Click the link below to find out how these three things go together!




Strategies for Vibrant Health and Well-Being with Susan L Miller

I recently did a podcast interview on my work with Esoteric Healing with Susan Miller. Please click either of the links below to listen to the interview and gain more insight into the world of energy healing. You can also subscribe to Susan's podcast which I highly recommend. She uses the podcast to inform others on holistic health treatments that are beneficial in a time of serious healing or to continue with preventative care. She has interviewed a sea of talented people in the health and wellness field. I enjoy listening to her guests and loved being interviewed on the podcast. Susan asks poignant.questions that engage the listener in understanding further the guests mode of practice. 

iTunes: http://apple.co/1HWchrn

Stitcher: http://bit.ly/1L53jKG

Adrenal Fatigue; "Why Am I SO Tired?"

I treat clients in NYC. For the most part, people are stressed, over-caffeinated and exhausted. They work long hours, aren't sleeping properly and are constantly on the go. This leaves little room for self care and what I hear most from my clients is, "I'm exhausted."

The first thing I ask is- "How many hours of sleep do you get each night?" The second question is, "How many hours do you work each week?" Then finally, "What do you do for self-care or fun?"

The last question affords a few blank stares and confused faces. It's the LAST thing people think about, if they even think about it at all. We don't allow ourselves to take the much needed down time to re-charge and reboot. We push, push, push and wonder why six months later we have barely enough energy to get out of bed.

Adrenals play a huge role in all of this. The adrenals are endocrine glands that sit on top of your kidneys (there are two of them, one for each kidney.) They are responsible for the production of certain hormones that respond to stress. They become stimulated when the sympathetic nervous system is activated, (that's our flight-or-flight response.) The adrenals are connected to the root chakra. The root chakra sits at the base of the spine at the coccyx and is connected to the survival instinct as well as fears related to survival. 

As I deal with the energetic side of things, I balance the adrenals on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of body. This is where I'll usually find deep fears. There's a lot of fear going around these days. Fear of not being enough, fear of not making ends meet financially, fear not finding a partner, fear of not becoming pregnant/becoming  pregnant, fear of losing your job, fear of being stuck in a job, fear of what's happening in the environment, other peoples fear, etc! The list goes on and on. Our body can become stuck in a pattern, like a record on a record player that has skipped and is playing the same blurb of a song over and over again.

What I help to do is calm down any agitation that is occurring and replace the word FEAR with COURAGE. By calming down the adrenals and/or bringing in prana or vital energy into the body, I am able to assist in relaxing the client and bringing a sense of peace and security to them. Since I am in the practice of self-empowerment through individuals health,  I always insist they begin doing something each week for themselves, of their own choosing. I encourage time spent outdoors in nature, possibly even barefoot on the ground. I learned the other day that lightning strikes the ground approximately 432,000 times a day! That's enough to take your shoes off and feel the vital earth energy pulsating from the ground into your body. If being outdoors barefoot is not an option, I suggest either meditation, go out dancing, cooking a delicious and nutritious meal for yourself, a moment of solitude, a soothing bath, whatever floats your boat. As long as you are having fun and taking time to breathe deep and get in touch with yourself. 

My hope is that you take the time today, even if for a few minutes to give those adrenals a rest and tap into the magnificent creature you are and treat yo'self! Your body is already applauding you at the sheer idea of it!