What IS Energy Work?

Esoteric Healing practitioners learn to sensitize their hands and inner perception to examine the energy field in detail in order to find imbalances in the flow of the field. In finding an imbalance, practitioners balance the affected area to bring harmony back into the system. Taken from the writings by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul and then turned into a workable system by Barbara Johnston. The practitioner does not touch the individual, but works away from the body. 


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique created by Mikao Usui. Reiki is the laying on of hands and uses the 'life force energy' to tune the chakras and remove any blockages in the energetic system. 




How Can Energy Work Help Me?

I've compiled this brief list of reasons as to why people come to me for a healing session. I would also like to add that the wonderful thing about energy work is that you are the healer. I am a facilitator of the energy and set my intention in accordance to your needs. 

Stress, anxiety, depression, healthy lifestyle changes, grief, self-esteem, shift in life path, comfort and ease during a health crisis, heal emotional pain or to relax.




What Can I Expect From a Treatment Session?

In a healing session you are fully clothed and you are usually lying down on either a massage table or a seated or standing position that is comfortable for you. Since healing energy moves through the palms of the hands, we use our hands to direct the energy flow. The practitioner works  away from the body, so touching the client is not necessary. 

Many people experience different sensations when receiving healing treatments. Some clients see vibrant colors, feel warm energy surrounding them and others simply fall asleep! Everyone has their own unique experience and it is very comforting to receive. 




One Session: $130

Four Session Package Deal: $480

Distance Healing Session: $100

Four Session Package Deal: $325

I work in a private healing space at Awakening NY in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

*Please let me know if you have any accommodations and we can arrange that individually before your treatment session.





"Elyse Jolley is powerfully talented . The sessions I've had with her have been some of the most profound experiences of my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to gain insight into their spiritual and/or emotional realm. After working with Elyse, I always feel refreshed, calm and grateful."

"Elyse has worked on me several times, and  I can honestly say she is one of the most powerful and talented people I have ever met. Through our sessions, she has helped me immeasurably with things that I had been struggling with my entire life. She's able to quickly cut to the core of what is happening, and bring insight and healing to all the places that need it." 

"As someone who has always been intrigued but a bit skeptical about energy work, I could never have anticipated how much I would love working with Elyse. The first two sessions were really relaxing and enjoyable, but, by the third session something incredible happened. I entered into this deep meditative state where I was conscious and awake, but not thinking. This was something I had never experienced before and didn't think was possible! Now I'm completely hooked and can't wait for my sessions! If that wasn't enough, Elyse has an incredible calm, warm energy about her and takes the time to learn about what is going on with you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Elyse is a rare gem in this city and I cannot recommend her enough!"