Brand Strategist
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Ask: Develop strategy and ideas that can help your client prepare for the future.

Solve: Etsy opening up its own brick and mortar in select cities.

Takeaway: Etsy has major competition with Amazon Handmade and by disinguishing themselves outside just the online marketplace they can attract both makers + buyers to the physical space and create collaborative experiences.

Something Cool: Initially, after analyzing our future mapping, we wanted to create a physical space for Etsy to be in. We scratched the idea several times as we thought it might be “too predictable.” We kept coming back to the idea and decided that giving them a physical space would allow creative collaboration between the makers + buyers.

Methods Used:

SWOT Analysis

Brands Purpose/Values (Why/What/How)

Business Model Canvas

Perceptual + Future Mapping

Product Lifecycle


Team: Cara (ST), Rachael (ST), Joe (CBM)

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