Brand Strategist
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Ask: To map out the future of Etsy in 5 years.

Solve: With the continuation of the share economy and its growing popularity, we wanted to create a physical space for Etsy. This would empower ‘makers’ to teach classes in the Etsy makers space and earn extra income. It would also be a place where ‘buyers’ could take classes and could potentially be a fertile place for creative collaboration to spark.

Takeaway: We would want Etsy to reflect and support the artists in the communites where there is a brick and mortar. Each store would showcase local talent and the space would be inclusive and accessible for everyone to use.

Something Cool: Handcrafted is from the heart, and that is something that has never gone out fo style.

Methods Used:

Scenario Planning

Qualitative + Quantitative Data


SWOT Analysis

Business Model Canvas

4 C’s

Team: Cara (ST), Rachael (ST), Joe (CBM)

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