Brand Strategist

About Me


I was raised in the geographical “armpit” of Virginia; about 10 minutes from the North Carolina border and 25 minutes to the Atlantic ocean. I spent most of my time as a kid:

  • mastering the art of recording 90’s R&B songs from the radio onto cassette tapes

  • choreographing dances for me and my friends to perform in my front yard

  • directing my two younger brothers in musicals that I composed on the piano

  • making home videos of my friends pet ferrets

I went to college for theatre because it was the only conceivable thing I could think of going to school for. I moved to NYC and lived there for 7 years performing and working off-the-wall jobs that have garnered battle scars and some great cocktail stories. It’s also given me a deep perspective and a point of view on life that I enjoy drawing from when developing strategies to help a client and/or brand.

And yes, eating avocados is my daily ritual.