Brand Strategist
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Ask: Partner with a local business in the Richmond, VA community and create the best business strategy for this establishment to continue to grow.

Solve: Pumpkins had a small monthly budget to devote to marketing and limited time and resources. Our best strategy was to utilize VCU’s Medical Campus as it is in close proximity to the restaurant. We created a new color palette and font for her website and menus as well as a few social media tips to showcase her food and the work she does in the community.

Takeaway: Owning a restaurant is extremely stressful and to not only manage the day-to-day of the restaurant but also oversee the marketing aspect is a lot for one person to juggle. We wanted to lessen the load and provide easy tips to network and get the restaurant name out there, as it has not been a full year since the restaurant has opened.

Something Cool: Aretha’s story behind starting Pumpkin’s was very moving and emotional. She was diagnosed with cancer and when she went into remission decided she wanted to open up her own restaurant. I felt personally attached to this project as I wanted to see her succeed and give her the best advice and tips to create a profitable business.

Methods Used:


Google Calendar


Brand Tone + Voice

Social Media (Instagram)

Networking Tactics

Business Grants

Team: BriElle (AD), Stephen (AD), Max (CBM), Kelsey (XD), Sophie (CW)

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