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Ask: Find a use for the current Purina dry dog food bags and introduce a new, eco-friendly bag into the market.

Solve: The inspiration came from an article I read about Saltwater Brewing Co. They created a six-pack ring from the wheat and barley leftovers from their brewing process. By using sustainable and organic materials, their new six-pack rings are fully decomposable and can even be eaten safely by marine life!

Old dog food bags: Convert the old bags into post-consumer recycled dog beds.

New dog food bags: A bag made out of biopolymer (polylactic acid-PLA) film around a flax/hemp fiber matrix.

Takeaway: Most dog food bags cannot be recycled because they are lined with plastic. Most people recycle them and by doing so, slows down the recycling process and causes a “jam” in the system. There are amazing ways to limit the amount of waste and there are materials we can begin using that are better for the environment and have a lifespan. This means that the material eventually breaks down within a few months to a few years, in comparison to the old bags which will decompose in hundreds or thousands of years.

Something Cool: Biopolymers! This innovative material can redefine our future when it comes to lessening our environmental impact. This material is sturdy, great for the planet and it can be adopted by factories and used on their current equipment.

Methods Used:



Final Cut Pro X


Consumer Journey Mapping

Primary Research

Quantitative + Qualitative Data

Team: Ginny (XD), Danny (XD), Davis (ST)

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